Technical Processes

Once a quotation has been accepted, the following processes can be followed depending on your chosen package:

Stage 1

Initial building and site measure to enable us to draw the existing property/land, which will form the basis for all design work. (within 1 week of order placement)

Stage 2

Concept design(s) will be created for client approval, then any amendments will be made until the client is happy with the design. (within 2 weeks or site survey)

Stage 3

The final design will be submitted for a planning application (should one be required) along with any other relevant reports required for the specific application. The next steps assume planning permission has been or will be granted.(Current time for a planning application is 6-8 weeks)

Stage 4

Soil test will be carried out on site to determine the grounds bearing capacity for the added weight distribution and foundation type will be designed to suit the ground conditions below.

Stage 5

Full structural calculations will be carried out, followed by full construction detailing. This is to ensure the different elements of the structure are stable for their designated purpose. This will consist of floor joist size, roof timber size, supporting wall thickness etc. (up to 2 weeks from planning approval)

Stage 6

Building regulation approval application or notice to be served. (full plans application 3-4 weeks. Submitting a building notice could reduce this time, so that work could begin within 2 days!)

Stage 7

Tender documentation will be written for all trades to submit quotations.

Stage 8

Health and safety procedures and trade contracts written up.

Stage 9

Work can commence on site.