Just exactly what goes into the home design and planning process and why does it take so long? We are going to share a timeline which details the home planning process to help you understand why it is you have to be so patient. Let’s take a look:

     It is often said that if you want to start building your home in the spring, you need to start the planning process the summer before. Once your new home is designed, there are many other factors to consider, permissions to get, quotes, surveys and more, all of which can take up to 32 weeks before you can even start the build process. It’s almost enough to make one consider letting a home instead of buying and building! But don’t worry, the team of experts at Arcitek Building Design will make the planning phase as easy as possible.

The Planning Process

     There are many factors that can affect how long it takes to plan a new house build. These can include the specific type of home you want to build: blockwork, timber or masonry, the home’s square footage, the number of stories, the finishes and much more. In total, it can take up to six months or more to build a new home and it all starts with permission from the local planning commission. Here is a brief timeline of the Arcitek Building Design home planning process:

  • Write A Design Brief – Details Of Your Requirements- Week 1
  • Obtain Quotes From Architectural Companies- Week 2
  • Decide On Company To Use- Week 3
  • Measured Survey- Week 4
  • Initial Plans Drawn- Weeks 5-6
  • Consultation Period/Drawing Amendments- Weeks 7-8
  • Final Drawings Approval- Week 9
  • Design And Access Statement Written- Weeks 8-9
  • CIL Required Forms Filled Out- Week 9
  • Heritage Statement (If Required)- Week 9
  • Ecological Survey (If Required)- Weeks 4-9
  • Contamination Survey (If Required)- Weeks 4-9
  • Tree Survey (If Required)- Weeks 4-9
  • Submission For Planning Permission- Week 10
  • Planning Permission Decision- Weeks 10-17
  • Discharge Of Planning Permission Conditions- Weeks 18-21
  • Energy/SAP Calculations Produced- Week 18
  • Geotechnical Survey- Weeks 19-20
  • Structural Design And Calculations- Weeks 21-23
  • Drawings Produced To Building Regulations- Weeks 23-24
  • Drawings Produced To Construction Details (More Detail) – If Required- Weeks 23-25
  • Water Authority Agreements (If Required)- Weeks 25-29
  • Submission Of Drawings To Trades For Tender- Week 26
  • Submission Of Party Wall Notice To Neighbours (If Required)- Week 27
  • Obtain Quotes From Structural Warranty Companies- Week 27
  • Submission Of Plans To Building Control- Weeks 27-30

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